The Best TV Repair Singapore Services

One of the worst things about having a busted television is missing out on your favourite shows. But with us, you will never miss an episode of your favourite shows again! TV Repair Singapore has a team of experienced technicians who can work on different television sets and brands!

The Fastest and Best TV Repairs in Singapore

Established in 2014, TV Repair Singapore has since been making sure that everyone is up to date with the latest news, favourite TV series, and Netflix originals. There are lots of TV repair shops scattered all over the island, but TV Repair Singapore stands out by providing customers with the most affordable, fastest, and most reliable services.

You can trust us with a variety of tasks such as channel tuning, television mounting, signal mix-up resolution, cracked screen repair, and many more. If you’re in a rush to have your television fixed, we also do same-day services! Unlike other repair shops, we don’t leave our customers waiting.

How does TV Repair Singapore work?

First, you need to contact us either through our contact forms on this website, mobile, or email. You will then have to choose your desired date and time of appointment. While we have a large team of TV repair technicians, there are occasionally days when they are fully booked. On those days, you may have to settle on a later date if your first choice is no longer available. Rest assured that we will inform customers if a sooner date becomes free in such situations, however.

Our team will then look into your television and diagnose its issue. After this, we will inform customers of the cost of repairs as well as detailing the repair needed. In this way, we guarantee that there are no hidden fees in our bills — what we quote you initially is what you pay afterwards. After that, if you’re happy with our quote, our trained technicians will work on your television right away!

Professional TV Technicians

Here at TV Repair Singapore, we only employ experienced and competent TV technicians to ensure that our services are consistently superior.

We Fix All Television Brands

As the best Singapore TV repair company, we can deal with different television brands, including Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, and many more.

Same-Day Repairs

We can provide the best Singapore TV repair services through same-day repairs! No need to wait for days and miss out on your favourite TV shows!

Open 7 Days a Week

We are open from Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

We offer the best TV repair services in Singapore for an affordable price!

About TV Repair Singapore

We started our business in late 2014 with only a small team of technicians and support staff. Over time, TV Repair Singapore’s clientele and reputation grew and our team expanded as well. Today, we are leaders in TV repair on the island. You can trust us with all your TV repair needs.

Operating Hours

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